A Little Something About Me

I would like to stay anonymous on this site, keep a low profile, you know? I’m all new at this and I thought this would be good to share events and tell story’s of weird and strange things, also theory’s about lots of things and lots more!

I know this is just a starting point but I’m going to keep trying to update, maybe post a few things here and there everyday.

I’ll try my best anyway.

~ Someone



Lets Not Worry About It Today.

We shouldn’t worry all the time.
Its like a dark spot in are life, no matter how little things, are we worry.
God help us that we worry about where the keys are and where did my wallet go?
I’m not saying we shouldn’t worry about those things. I’m saying we shouldn’t worry about how did my job interview go or worrying about standing up in class. I guess I can’t really be so positive about it when I suffer with anxiety.
Just take a deep breath and try to relax for that moment, remember controlling your breathing is the key to it.
Or maybe that isn’t the case for you, reader. Are you worried about if you were good enough? Was it you’re fault? That I can’t really say as I can’t read minds, however I could give advice from personal experience. Maybe you’re worried about you will never let go of the past, you can let that all go you know? How I deal with it; for a minute let all that pain go to you, what ever it was, sit back, close eyes, breath, control breathing, feel the air go into your lungs, really control it, now you can feel the tension in your body, its weird isn’t it? Don’t think of the future, forget all of that, forget the past, think about the now, cause you’re here… In the now, take deep breaths and when you’re ready open your eyes. Hey… for moments there you forgot what you were worrying about. That is called the now method (or so I’ve heard)

I hope you can get through to what ever you worried about it cause remember; (as much of a cliché it is) there is always tomorrow… to worry about it.

Why to appreciate life… Or what i do

To remember those days when you we’re happy are the best… Although on someday’s its quite tough. This is why i’m writing this, I think we need to sit back and and truly think why its worth it to be breathing.

Don’t you remember those clear days when the  night it cold and the air is crispy and you just drive?… or if are younger and you are sitting in the back singing along to twenty one pilots. the feeling you get when you are just… Just so happy and it feels like you’re never going to be sad again, that feeling you get when you feel like you’re unstoppable. One of those nights when you just don’t care, you’re free and everything you worried about before… gone!

Don’t you remember that feeling you get when you first saw that one person that you just know will change you’re life and you’ll be so happy with them, not just a lover, a friend, a new family member (step sister/brother, new born relative, etc.) you just feel safe. In my family we don’t believe in ‘step’ or ‘in-law’ we are family and that’s that, that’s why i don’t treat friends like friends i treat them as family, i don’t call my sister ‘step’ sister. Maybe for some people they don’t really like inviting them into their life as they are not blood related, maybe if that’s what its like for you, just try to to find what you both like.

Reasons why its okay to not be okay; sometimes its okay to cry and let it out your system, you know why? Because you can’t bottle things up, that will only makes things worse in what ever situation you are in, trust me on that one, its best to vent it out to you’re friends or family, as much as its seems… They do care.

I know the world seems like its against you right now, but things get better in time. the way you feel, you will not feel like that forever because there’s always tomorrow, remember that.