Lets Not Worry About It Today.

We shouldn’t worry all the time.
Its like a dark spot in are life, no matter how little things, are we worry.
God help us that we worry about where the keys are and where did my wallet go?
I’m not saying we shouldn’t worry about those things. I’m saying we shouldn’t worry about how did my job interview go or worrying about standing up in class. I guess I can’t really be so positive about it when I suffer with anxiety.
Just take a deep breath and try to relax for that moment, remember controlling your breathing is the key to it.
Or maybe that isn’t the case for you, reader. Are you worried about if you were good enough? Was it you’re fault? That I can’t really say as I can’t read minds, however I could give advice from personal experience. Maybe you’re worried about you will never let go of the past, you can let that all go you know? How I deal with it; for a minute let all that pain go to you, what ever it was, sit back, close eyes, breath, control breathing, feel the air go into your lungs, really control it, now you can feel the tension in your body, its weird isn’t it? Don’t think of the future, forget all of that, forget the past, think about the now, cause you’re here… In the now, take deep breaths and when you’re ready open your eyes. Hey… for moments there you forgot what you were worrying about. That is called the now method (or so I’ve heard)

I hope you can get through to what ever you worried about it cause remember; (as much of a cliché it is) there is always tomorrow… to worry about it.